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Pavlos Kontides Silver Olympic Medal Winner 2012 - Laser Class Sailing
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Sarah Moore - Cross Fit Athlete
Danielle Dube - Canadian Olympic Sailor
Andy Sloan - Ironman World Championship Kona Hawaii Qualifier
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Services On Offer

Sports Massage Therapy

Myofascial adhesion removal

Tennis / Golfers elbow Treatment

Lower / Upper back relief Treatment

Shoulder immobility / pain relief treatment

Swimming related injury treatment

Running related injury treatment

Cycling related injury treatment

Pre / post event sports massage

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Nathan S. Willmington

Nathan is a fully qualified sports therapist and ex-professional sportsman who has been working in the fitness / rehab treatment industry since 2000AD.

His background in coaching, competitive sports, and weight training / body conditioning helps immensely with his accurate diagnosis and treatment of most injuries. He also likes to refer onto specialists that he trusts and has faith in if he feels that is what your condition/injury requires.

Nathan regularly competes in bike races and running events, as well as triathlons.

He has completed half and full distance Ironman races, in the U.K. and Abroad.

He has found that by experiencing a large variety of sports, he can relate to the training and rigmarole that athletes have to put themselves through on a daily basis.


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